Guitarist Bar Chords
  easy way to learn guitar bar chords



"Thank you so much Tony for making the bar chord chart that finally helped me understand so many bar chord structures and the patterns that are so important for playing almost every chord I could ever think of. When I looked at it and realized that I could play over forty/48 chords by just understanding the notes on one string it blew my mind. Now when I'm gigging I can instantly go to, not only that bar chord, but many others with the same name very fast. It is guitar teachers like you that has made understanding the guitar so much fun."

Anthony C. (Electronics engineer and lead guitarist for the band Vital Signs)


"I have been taking guitar lessons from Tony Douglas for about a year and a half now, and I am very pleased with the progress I have made. The ability to read music is very important to both learning to play -- and getting enjoyment out of playing -- a guitar. Thanks to Tony, I can pick up an intermediate-level music book and play. Tony's method of teaching chords has been especially helpful. He has taught me how a few hand configurations can translate into dozens of chords up and down the fingerboard. I look forward to every lesson."

Steven N


"I can play anything on the guitar now that I know these bar chords! Thank you Tony for showing me this easy way to have tons of chords at my finger tips!"
Alison C.


Tony has been teaching my son to play guitar and read music for over four years.  When it came time to tackle the biggest obstacle to most beginners-- barre chords, Tony had my son playing smoothly in very little time.  Not only that, but with Tony's method of teaching, my son can play barre chords all over the neck while knowing the shape and name of the chords in each position.  Anyone who tries this method will have a chord vocabulary that will free them to go beyond only the first three frets and open up all the music to be found on the entire fretboard!  That it's easy to remember AND easy to execute is what makes this method so usable.