Learn Guihtar Bar Chords
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Learn Guitar Bar Chords

The Fastest Way to Learn to Play Guitar Bar Chords!


Whether you are a beginner picking up the guitar for the first time or a returning player after years of leaving the instrument in the attic, this is the right place for you to be. From my years of experience in

teaching the instrument, I feel it is NECESSARY to build up a solid beginner’s foundation as this will help you in mastering advanced concepts in the future.

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playing guitar bar chords

Remember learning them and playing them are two different things. I teach a way to learn guitar bar chords, playing them is something you will learn as your playing improves. You will still have to work hard to play Guitar Bar Chords but
With practice, determination and the handy Guitar Bar Chord Method you will be

learning more guitar chords every day with practice.


Everybody starts somewhere. Many years ago, I was probably like you and I really struggled to learn the basics of playing the guitar. The main problem I faced was that I was trying to cramp and learn too much stuff at the same time. Because of this, I never tried to tackle questions or problems I had.


There are many factors that will influence your ability to play these chords, but with the Guitar Bar Chord guide I offer you'll have the advantage of 30 years teaching . guitar bar chord book


I have found in over 30 years of teaching that when learning the chords to a song it is just as easy to introduce the idea of Chord Theory as it is to teach the chord itself. By introducing "Chord Shapes" the student can grasp the idea of it by just adding or removing a finger they can produce different Bar Chords. My guitar bar chord method uses guitar chord shapes to form all the major, minor, seventh and minor seventh chords up and down

the guitar neck. Learn the basic chord shape and then depending on what finger you remove you will have made another chord.



What you get with your purchase of $9.95 is a six page Instruction manual showing you what positions to place your hand and fingers on the guitar neck to play the Major Chords, The Minor Chords, The Seventh Chords and the Minor Seventh Chords.

One other thing to think about is getting a lighter set of strings. Try to stay away from the "medium" gauge guitar strings they generally make guitar bar chords harder to play.


Once your guitar is in good playing condition your ready to learn bar chords. I recommend you learning the basic chords first before learning the guitar bar chords. It will make the learning easier a.To download a "FREE" Basic Guitar Chord Chart click here .


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